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جميع الاعراض الروحانيه التى تبين لك انك مصاب بمرض روحانى *** عـــــــــــــــــلاج الســـــــــــــحر ***مـــعــــالــــج عــــــن بــــــــــعـــــد*** *** .

عـــــــــــــــــلاج الســـــــــــــحر ***مـــعــــالــــج عــــــن بــــــــــعـــــد*** ***

علاج نهائي بأمر الله من كل سحر عين حسد مس امراض نفسيه وعصبيه الاستماع بسماعة الاذن فقط

" and we revealed to Moses, " throw down your personnel ". then he started to swallow the things they had produced. So the reality came out and their manoeuvres had been worthless.

three) If an individual has Excellent news and he knows persons will envy him due to it, he should guard it by holding it top secret.

We must not Allow him go prior to he talks with him and acquire information regarding the witchcraft he was billed with. It's essential to inquire him (into the jinn) his name, his religion... is he by yourself or with Other folks from the Procedure of witchcraft, etcetera.

The individual will obey the instructions with the jinn at at any time. In the "constant possession" the person is not going to act without having a command because of the jinn.

Maintenant, après avoir rencontré certains cas plus difficiles, nous prescrivons tout de suite twelve bouteilles pour tout le monde pour éviter autant que doable que la personne revienne avec un restant de sorcellerie. ...Carry on Studying

فسحر المرض ـ شهرة ـ هو أقوى الأسحاروأصعبها لأن سحر المرض سحر فيه الجنى يفصح عن نفسه بإحداث أمراض مختلفة( عضوية ـ نفسية ـ عقلية ) فكل هذه الأنواع تندرج بالجملة تحت سحر المرض ، فالتخييل سحر مرض والجنون سحر مرض والخمول سحر مرض والسرطان سحر وهكذا ، والذى تم تطويره على يد الشياطين فأصبح الواجهة لسحر التفريق ، حيث إذا مرضت المرأة أو الرجل وطال مرضه عافها زوجها أو عافته زوجته وملت منه ، لكثرة ماذهب بها أو ذهبت به إلى المستشفيات والعيادات دون جدوى أو نفع يذكر ، فتكون النتيجة الطلاق ، أو مرض عقم أو تبلد أو برود وهذه كلها أمراض تكون نتيجتها عدم التوافق والطلاق والفرقة .

4) He must retain significantly from all illegal areas and conditions that canlead to what's forbidden, one example is isolating himself that has a female, and so on.

طبعا ممكن السحر يكون قديم وتحلل من زمان ووصل الى الدم او يكون سحر مشروب وهو موجود في الدم

It can be stricken by a person becoming shocked at himself with no staying envious to himself or Other individuals. The evil eye can be achieved by any individual, even a cherished one or even a righteous human being. So, it is actually incumbent on Just about every and Each one of us to take the required precautions and take a look at to prevent staying impacted with the evil eye, and to convey the supplications and remembrance on looking at a little something incredible and great. (Fath Al-Haq Al-Mubeen, 198)

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DJINN RESISTANT: When he is very hooked up to the person and resists to the tip of his forces not to go away: it is often the case of love, and after that the last word technique needs to be utilized: hit within the toes of the individual. This method has up to now been effective at 100 % providing the djinn is not really relevant to witchcraft or stuck with psychological difficulties. Even so, the advantages and drawbacks should be comprehended. - the initial downside is that the patient feels all blows, more robust than ordinary. The only case the place he feels practically nothing, is when he is totally bewitched from the beginning or in the event the djinn normally takes possession of him in the midst of his journey, and from that instant. In any other case, the person feels the blows, as well as djinn that is definitely in it way too; apart from the jinn endure additional, and he transmits his thoughts to his host. At a time, the djinn usually takes off from in which it is - roqya zawaj generally the head - and migre towards the toes, then to 1 foot, then comes out of the toes. When he leaves his head, the individual may well experience lightened and relieved and say he left; but he only left his head. When he arrives inside the foot, the djinn feels the blows make him explode; the individual way too. Just right before he will get out, he feels he is gonna die because of the blows; the patient far too. It's exceptional with the client to take the shot to the end; it must be held additional normally, and occasionally he requires that we halt and acquire mad at those who deal with him and keep him. If the affected person is fragile, he may possibly retain the results of the treatment method; for example, He'll no longer be handled. The more fragile the person is, the more practical It will likely be. - the second drawback is the fact just one could possibly be Improper with regard to the diagnosis: the djinn is attached to witchcraft and will not go away, regardless of what. When a good deal has long been struck, which the djinn manifests clear signs of exhaustion and despair, that it does not head out, and expresses its drive and incapacity to go away, it is necessary to issue the existence of witchcraft. - the gain is the fact we triumph exactly where we stick it: we acquire around the djinn and we force it to leave.

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